We work to help children heal from the
trauma of abuse, and help make the
community safer for children


We provide trauma-informed care to children and their families in our community as they navigate through the world of abuse. All of the services we offer are provided at no cost.

What is a Child Advocacy Center?

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Children come to us only after we receive a report from law enforcement or the Department of Children Services (DCS) alleging child sexual or significant  physical abuse.  After receiving a report, the caregivers will be contacted by law enforcement or DCS to schedule an interview.

The Child & Family advocate greets the child and family members at one of our center locations.  The interviewer will take the child to the interview room, while the advocate will talk with the family/caregivers. The child will be interviewed and parents will be given referrals relevant to the child and family’s needs.

We work in conjunction with law enforcement and the Department of Children’s Services once a report is made. We are not able to work with anyone outside of that process.

While we do strive to be a child-friendly and comfortable space when families come to our centers, children do not actually stay at our facilities.

By law, all adults 18 and older are required to report known or suspected child abuse. To make a report, contact your local law enforcement or the TN Child Abuse Hotline at 877-237-0004. Davis House is not a reporting agency, so reports are not made directly to us. You can always call us if you have questions or concerns about a child, and we will be happy to guide you on making a report, but we are not able to report for you.

What services do you offer?

Forensic Interviews

Children under the age of 18 first come to Davis House for a forensic interview if there has been a report of child abuse. The interview is  designed to hear from the child their perspective regarding the circumstances which brought them to Davis House. The interviewer asks the child questions in an age-appropriate, non-leading way. Conducting the interviews at Davis House helps ensure a child experiences a friendly, neutral setting. Our forensic interviewers are trained to conduct a thorough interview with as little further trauma to the child as possible.


Our Counseling Program provides mental health treatment to children suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms following sexual and severe physical abuse. Davis House employs therapists trained in both Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Play Therapy. One of our therapists will conduct the initial assessment, create a treatment plan and meet with the child (and family when necessary) for counseling sessions. These counseling services are provided at no cost to any child who receives a forensic interview at one of our centers.

Child & Family Advocacy

 The Child and Family Advocate (CFA) serves as the point person to shepherd the family through the process and help link them to the services they need, whether those services are provided by Davis House or a community partner. The CFA also serves as a liaison between the child/family and other members of the Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT).

Our CFA works with the child and family as long as is necessary. This is generally until their case is resolved, until the child reaches a point in counseling where our services are no longer necessary, or no if services are no longer desired by the family.

Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT)

Collaboration is the essence of the The Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT).  CPIT is the group of child abuse professionals in each of our counties that works together to investigate allegations of child sexual and significant physical abuse. This team is mandated by Tennessee law. 

CPIT consists of representatives from Davis House, Department of Children’s Services, local Law Enforcement, the District Attorney’s Office, Juvenile court, and Our Kids.

In addition, at times it can also include members of the FBI, TBI, and US Homeland Security.

Community Education & Outreach

We accomplish the outreach portion of our mission through community education and awareness programs. Significantly, it is possible to help prevent abuse from occurring through the use of these programs. We currently offers all of our training programs at no cost to the community.

Anyone who works with children or has children in their lives can benefit from out trainings. So essentially, everyone!

We train public and private schools, child care agencies, churches and faith-based organization, youth-serving organizations, civic groups, businesses, parent groups, homeowner and professional associations, parents, and ANY adult wanting to know how to better protect children.

Trauma Specialist

Our goal is to provide expanded clinical interventions to families impacted by severe trauma that come to our centers as a result of sexual or significant physical abuse disclosure. We provide wraparound services for our families with a high level of trauma.

We consult with community agencies to help customize an individual trauma-informed approach to help better provide services that are sensitive to the needs of those in the community dealing with trauma.

We also work within our agency and community partners to ensure the high-stress and potential vicarious trauma are addressed.

Child Sex Trafficking & Exploitation

We offer emergency services to child trafficking victims at our Franklin location.

They are here to help kids if there is ever an issue that they needed them. I appreciate there are
places like this in place for kids that need it.”

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We strive to make all of our spaces child-friendly and as comfortable as possible for the children that come to us for help.  Take a look into these spaces.

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