For the Families

Child Friendly Place

Davis House is a warm, welcoming and safe place for both children and adults. In each of our center locations, children and their families can meet with professionals who work in the field of child abuse. It is our goal to work with you during the investigative process and help you and your children through the difficult process of healing. Our team is here for your child. Our team is here for you.

There is no charge for any of the services we provide. We know that in difficult and uncertain circumstances, you need our guidance. You need our team of professionals who are compassionate and caring, and well-trained for the services we are delivering. That is why we are here - for you.

The Button Jar The Healing Trust

Children who come to Davis House for the first time following reports of abuse feel as if they are the only one. They feel alone. They are scared, sometimes ashamed, and often are embarrassed about why they are here, even though it's not their fault. Each child, on their first visit to Davis House, picks out a button from the button box. They place the button into the button jar, which contains all the buttons from the children who have come before them. On the jar are the words "You Are Not Alone." This visual reminder immediately lifts their spirits, and lets them know that, indeed, they are not alone. LEARN MORE

Comfort BearThe Healing Trust

All children who visit Davis House may select a stuffed animal of their choice to take home with them. The goal of this program is to give children choices so that they can regain control, provide children with something positive to focus on, and give children something to use as comfort in a traumatizing and confusing situation. The stuffed animals are donated by generous individuals and community groups.


Please view our What To Expect Brochure for an introduction to your first visit at Davis House.