Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT)

The collaboration seen in the forensic interview is the essence of the CPIT multi-disciplinary team, where various disciplines come together at our Center to work for the welfare of the child. From the forensic interview conducted by trained Davis House Child Advocacy Center staff, the investigation proceeds and services become available to these child victims.

CPIT is a state-mandated multi-disciplinary team comprised of DHCAC staff, law enforcement, District Attorney’s office, Department of Children’s Services (DCS), medical professionals from Our Kids, Inc., and Juvenile Court officers. The charge of CPIT is to determine the disposition of each case through meetings conducted at Davis House Child Advocacy Center (DHCAC). These meetings occur twice a month at the DHCAC office in Franklin for all cases in Williamson County, and occur monthly in each of Hickman, Lewis and Perry counties. In these meetings, each discipline brings their respective expertise and investigative information pertaining to the child victim in an effort to provide appropriate protective, counseling, or other services that the child needs. Legal proceedings and referrals for prosecution of an alleged perpetrator arise from CPIT meetings. Services for the welfare of the child and services that seek justice for the child victims originate from these meetings and the CPIT Program. Funding requests for the CPIT program covers case management software and supplies, communication/correspondence needs, CPIT training programs for all disciplines, and audio/visual and other equipment supplies necessary to accommodate the cases reviewed at each meeting.