Child & Family Advocacy


The Child and Family Advocate provide a variety of services to the children we serve as well as their non-offending parent(s) or caregiver(s). The Child and Family Advocate (CFA) serves as the point person to shepherd the family through the process and help link them to the services they need, whether those services are provided by Davis House or a collaborative partner. The CFA also serves as a liaison between the child/family and other members of the Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT).

Our CFA works with the child and family as long as is necessary. This is generally until their case is adjudicated or until the child reaches a point in counseling where our services are no longer necessary, or no if services are no longer desired by the family.

Court Orientation and Support

The CFA conducts the Court Orientation and Court Support elements of our program.

Court Orientation is when we take a child who will have to testify as a witness in a legal or criminal proceeding to a courtroom that is not in session. We try to acclimate the child to the environment so that the courtroom experience will not be as intimidating or traumatizing. We show the child where he/she will sit in the witness chair and point out where the jury, judge, prosecutor and defendant will be. The CFA is also in the courtroom when the child is testifying to be a support person; someone the child knows is there solely to support them in their role as a victim/witness.

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