Two Days & Two Ways

Beginning Tuesday, May 5th at 12:00am until Thursday, May 7th at 6:00pm, you will have the opportunity to TAKE A STAND against child abuse in your community! It costs us about $1,500 per child to provide all the services they need to begin their journey toward healing.

What will YOU do to protect the children in your community?

TWO WAYS to stand up for a child

Help us celebrate 20 years serving the community and reach our monthly giving goal!

  • Button Sponsor - $125 month to Sponsor a child! - provides complete services for ONE CHILD!
  • $500 monthly - provides complete services for FOUR (4) CHILDREN!
  • $250 monthly - provides complete services for TWO (2) CHILDREN!
  • $100 monthly - provides one counseling session for a child each month to take the journey towards healing!
  • $50 monthly - provides a forensic interview for TWO (2) CHILDREN to empower them to tell their story!
  • $25 monthly - provides community education and awareness training to 30 adults, helping keep 300 children safer from abuse!


Any gift, large or small, can help in the fight against child abuse!

  • Button Sponsor - $1,500 - provides complete services for ONE CHILD!
  • $1,000 - TEN child counseling sessions
  • $500 - TWO forensic interviews for a child to tell their story
  • $250 - Community training to help keep 250 children safer from abuse
  • $100 - One (1) Play Therapy Sand Tray kit for use in child counseling sessions
  • $75 - FIVE child Therapy Assessment kits
  • $50 - Snacks & drinks for children for one week
  • $25 - Comfort bear for a child after their interview