Home for the Holidays

The things we talk about inside a child advocacy center everyday are among the hardest and heaviest topics anyone would ever discuss — but in this case, children are talking about what has happened to them. It is not schoolyard banter or locker room talk. It is life changing, and so often, in unspeakable ways.

A child advocacy center like Davis House exists to provide hope and healing beyond what seems possible in the moments following disclosure of a child’s trauma. For this sort of investment in a child’s life, may we all be thankful. And may we all see to it places like Davis House succeed so the children who walk through our doors can succeed, too.

For years, those attached to Davis House have known our physical spaces are insufficient to meet the various needs of our children—too small, too sterile, too divided, and in need of, well, in need of a lot. Over the course of the last few weeks, circumstances have broken our way, and we have the opportunity to move two of our three centers into most excellent new spaces. The Franklin office will be relocating to a 7,602 square foot office space off Columbia Avenue, just out of downtown. Our Hohenwald office will be renovating an historic home in that community, more than doubling its space. And while we have found some shockingly good fortune in these physical transitions, they are not cost-free. That is why I am writing.

For this holiday season, will you help Davis House find its new “home for the holidays?” In order for us to renovate and transform the spaces in Franklin and Hohenwald, and to install modern, energy-efficient heating and air in our home in Centerville, we need $100,000. We are relying on you—our friends and members of the communities from which these precious children come—to meet this need.

We simply cannot do it without you.

I am asking for your donations to make this happen. Will you give an extra gift this season to Davis House, and in every sense of the word, provide new homes for the holidays?

It is a deep blessing to know we are fighting this fight alongside one another. Your care and concern for children in our communities helps make all of us safer, more resilient, and ready to face the world with vigor and purpose.

What a joy to know we stand in this together.


Executive Director

P.S. Will you take one extra step and support our Home for the Holidays initiative and an extra 10% or more to also support our daily operations? Please consider choosing this option to support Davis House this holiday season.