Button Jar

What's a BUTTON worth to you?

To those of us here at Davis House, a button is worth everything because each button represents a child.

Children who come to Davis House for the first time following reports of abuse feel as if they are the only one. They feel alone. They are scared, sometimes ashamed, and often are embarrassed about the abuse they have suffered, even though it's not their fault.

Each child, on their first visit to Davis House, picks out a button from the button box. They place the button into the button jar, which contains all the buttons from the children who have come before them. On the jar are the words "You Are Not Alone." This visual reminder immediately lifts their spirits, and lets them know that, indeed, they are not alone.

Last year, 525 new buttons were added to the jar at Davis House.

What's a button worth to you? So, what's a button worth to you?