Be One

Be "One With Courage” helping abused children

Show the victims, neighbors & even predators that our children are not alone in the fight to stamp out child abuse and restore hope to Middle Tennessee victims.

Statistics also tell us child abuse is for the most part a hidden crime with only 12% of the actual number of incidents being reported to authorities.  Unthinkable, uncomfortable to talk about, embarassing, cloaked in misdirected guilt, shame and manipulation - it takes courage for a child to seek help.  Child abuse knows no social and/or economic barriers and with close to 65,000 children in the Davis House four county service area, we must all wake up to the reality that child abuse moves through virtually all corners of our community.   You can stand up to join the fight, to "Be One with Courage."  Show your support for these brave children by learning the early signs of abuse.  Be willing to talk about the reality of the situation and its existence in our community.  Participate in a Davis House CAC event or fundraiser.  Please click on the balloon on the right of this page and DONATE TODAY!  Your giving in whatever amount will positively impact the lives of some of our most vunderable and needy neighbors.  Remember that all our services are provided free of charge, so we can concentrate on the healing process, restoring hope and smiles to those in crisis.

SIGNS of child abuse

Here are some of the indicators of possible childhood abuse.  Trust your instincts.  If you suspect abuse, contact authorities … you do not need proof.

*   Changes in Behavior – scared, anxious, depressed, withdrawn, aggressive, etc.

*  Displaying Earlier Behaviors – thumb sucking, bed wetting, fear of dark, etc.

*  Fear of Going Places – home, school, gym, etc.

*  Unexplained Injuries – visible physical indicators with unconvincing explanations

*  Dramatic Change In Eating – weight loss or gain

*  Changes in Sleeping – tired, nightmares, inability to fall asleep

*  Changes at School – dropping grades, excessive absences

*  Neglect in Personal Care – dirty, unkept, wrong clothing for season

*  High Risk Behavior – drug/alcohol use, carrying items for protection

*  Sexual Behavior – explicit, graphic language, overly sexual

If a child comes to you;

DO:                                                                                                DON’T:

remain calm                                                               overreact

show concern/interest                                          press the child to talk

show belief                                                                  make promises beyond your control

allow the child to talk                                             confront the offender

reassure the child                                                    minimize their feelings or situation

contact authorities                                                  overwhelm with questions

Under Law you are obligated to report suspected child abuse.

If a child is in immediate danger call 911.  Otherwise call 800-237-0004 to report known or suspected abuse.